How To Hang Artwork

I noted you have pictured the small one above the larger one. Pull the masking tape off of the frame and stick it lightly to the wall. Get your level out and adjust the tape as needed until the level indicates a perfect balance. Now use the ends of the tape as a guide for nail placement. Next, stretch the wire on the back of the frame tight, so that it’s pulled taught as though it were hanging from the wall. Measure the distance between the highest point of the wire and the top of the picture frame.


  • Concrete is the second-most-used substance in the world after water, and is the most widely used building material.
  • For example, a single-sink vanity with a 60-inch countertop will require a 36-inch wide fixture if you’ll mount it at each end or 72 inches if you’ll mount it in the center above both sinks.
  • If your couch is flanked on either side with an end table, chances are each has a table lamp.
  • Also, I think you need more color in the art, it’s a bit too dark looking like the TV color when off, thinking the color of the art is adding weight also to the piece.

Rather, add something else to increase the width of the furniture. I am adding to new high back upholstered chairs with silver nailhead trim to try and get away from all the dark wood. Don’t hang a large mirror over a sofa simply because it’s an empty space and you happen to have one. Art hung over a piece of furniture should not be wider than the width of the furniture, a general principle being that the art should be about 50-75% the width of the furniture. High-performance building materials will be particularly important for enhancing resilience, including for flood defenses and critical-infrastructure protection.

Commercial Furniture

I feel a dining table should be able to handle family dinner. This is not the product of abuse, just normal wear. When you’re arranging furniture, you should never forget about how people will get to and around all of it. No one should have to climb or trip over one piece of furniture in order to access another. They should also be able to pass through the room without having to take an awkward, zigzag route.

Square Feet In Paris: Design Ideas From A Shoebox Apartment Reinvented By Marianne Evennou

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Yes, a bathroom vanity light can be wider than the vanity. The fixture is installed on the wall above the vanity, not on the vanity itself. We recommend a minimum of 12″ clearance between the edge of the mirror and the side of the fixture. If your mirror is smaller than your vanity light, be sure to center it over the mirror so that a portion of light illuminates the mirror and not just the wall. If you have a larger mirror with two or more vanity lights, be sure to space them evenly across the mirror so that all areas are illuminated. Place the light fixtures approximately 75 to 80 inches from the floor.

Will the mirror be too large or close to the sofa? Reconceiving furniture as art and investment may be a secret that is now out, but many bullish gallerists feel there is much room for price expansion and that the phenomenon has a future. “A major piece by Gio Ponti now going for $50,000 could easily be worth $250,000 in a few years,” says Snyderman. “A lot of pieces are coming out for the first time.” For the long answer, we did a little investigative reporting and spoke to dealers whose galleries and businesses specialize in vintage design. “The furniture is being marketed as art, not antiques, so it’s on topic with the way the contemporary art world works,” says Richard Wright, who runs the eponymous Wright, the Chicago auction house.

Multiple Pieces Of Art

Nevertheless, hopefully someone who possibly isn’t aware of this technique can benefit from it here. The first step is to remove the jointer guard as the material won’t pass it. If you feel uncomfortable doing this than don’t do it. Oversized art can include any kind of subject or style and is considered a thematic print.

But I just so happened to have a 11-1/2” wide piece of sapele that I really would have loved to planed at full width. Your entryway suffers from chronic foot traffic and no matter where you live, trapping leaves, mud, dust, sand or snow can help save the rest of your flooring throughout the house. Try a durable rug designed for the entry and make sure it can be easily vacuumed, cleaned or shaken out.